Let visual aids help,
not ruin, your speech

In the past, visual aids were not common or expected during a wedding speech. But, today's technology has made it easier to use them. You can add them if you want, but they are not required.

If you are wondering about which types to use, here are a few ideas:

Objects or Props

Objects or Props add a 3-D Element to your speech. Plus, you won't need to buy anything if you have the object at home. Be sure to find out what types of objects are not allowed on the premises.


Make sure the entire audience can see the picture. Consider enlarging the photo if it is too small.


Make sure the equipment will be available before putting too much time and effort into this option.

If you decide to use them, here are some tips to keep in mind:

View the audience

They are for the audience to better understand the speech--NOT for the speaker. Keep your eyes on the audience.

Is it being used?

Only show it when it is needed. If you show it during your entire speech, it will keep your audience from listening to your speech.

Don't Pass it around

Not only will this distract the guests, but it can fall apart if it is fragile. Show the item from the front.

Stand clear

Make sure that you don't block the audience's view.

Use sparingly

For a 3-5 minute speech, I would recommend only one or two of them. Any more could be hard for you to maneuver and will distract the audience.

Able to see and read

Try to make sure in advance that everybody, including those seated in the back row can view them. If your audience can't see them, they might not listen to you.

Practice using them

You'll have a much easier time with your speech if you've used them during your practice sessions.

The flow of your speech will have a better feel. Plus, you won't need to learn how to use them while being watched by a room full of people.

One Final Thought

If there is a problem, ask for help. If the equipment still does not work, stay calm. Briefly tell the audience about the problem and then continue your speech. The audience will understand.

To get a better feel for using those visual aids that you want to include in your speech, visit the Visual Aids Plan.

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