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Funny Wedding Speech?

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I'm often asked about giving a Funny Wedding Speech. Should you start the speech with a joke? Is it ok to tell a joke? Do you have to say a joke?

Before going further, know that wedding jokes are not required. So, relax if you were worried about having to tell jokes.

On the other hand, be very careful about telling jokes.

Before deciding to say a particular joke during your speech, make sure it passes all 3 rules of this test:

The Funny Wedding Speech Test's 3 Golden Rules

Rule 1: The Joke MUST Be Funny

Sounds painfully obvious, but it needs to be said.

Several days before the occasion, try the joke out on several people, especially if they'll be guests.

It's better to hear in advance that your joke is not funny rather than getting dozens of blank stares after saying this joke at the event.

Rule 2: The Joke Doesn't Insult Anybody

It is ok to make fun of yourself, but the joke must not insult anybody else. Stay away from the tasteless jokes and comments at the expense of the bride, groom, or anybody else.

You might think it's funny, but the joke could lead to sore feelings and arguments. So, be very careful.

I attended a wedding in California in which the Best Man made a few less than kind references about a state on the East Coast.

Unfortunately for the Best Man, he later found out that a number of guests live in that East Coast State. The guests took the jokes in stride, but there were some awkward moments at first.

Rule 3: The Joke Leads Into Your Speech

A funny speech has jokes related to the speech content. If the joke has nothing to do with the speech, it will probably ruin the flow of your speech and confuse your guests.

Bottom Line: If your joke passes all 3 rules, it is safe to include it in the speech. However, if it does not pass the test, leave the joke out.

Where Do You Find the Best Material for Funny Wedding Speeches?

I recommend saying funny stories from personal experience--especially if the story is at your own expense.

These stories are original and they happened to you. You will be able to describe these stories with passion.

For example, I once saw a Best Man talk about the huge loyalty that he and the groom had for their favorite sports team. He told a couple of funny stories about what they had endured when cheering for their favorite hockey team, which was the visiting team.

The stories worked well on two levels: the attendees already knew about the groom's love for this team. Plus, the Best Man mentioned this while discussing one of the groom's best qualities, his loyalty to others.

Another tip: Practice delivering the joke a few times (as you would practice delivering your speech). This will help you get the timing down and you'll remember the punch line.

Think about some funny personal experiences that you shared with the bride and/or groom. If it passes the 3 Rules above, you have the makings for some funny speech material.

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Where should you go from here?

If you want to complement your speech with a special touch, but don't know what to add, scan the Wedding Poem Page for some ideas.

Visit the Supporting Materials Page as well as the Speech Outline Page. These will help you to quickly organize your speech.

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