Speech Checklist

Directions: Print a copy of the Speech Checklist. Write a check mark on the space provided when you have completed that item.

Note: The items without spaces are listed as reminders for the wedding.

If you follow the Speech Checklist, then you will be ready for the big day.

Here, you'll see the best speaking tips in one place. If you need more help, simply click on the link in that section.

Control Your Speech Anxiety

Mental Techniques

_____1. Mental Somersaults

_____2. Practice! Practice!

_____3. Speak About What You Know and Like

_____4. Visualize Yourself Giving a wonderful Speech

5. Arrive Early

Physical Techniques

_____1. Deep Breathing

_____2. Light Muscle Squeeze

_____3. Exercise

4. Use Gestures and Walk

5. Make Eye Contact with the Audience

For more help, visit the Speech Anxiety Page.


Speech Outline

Follow These 3 Steps

Step 1: Tell Them What You'll Tell Them (Introduction)

Step 2: Tell Them (Body)

Step 3: Tell Them What You've Told Them (Conclusion and Toast)

For more help, visit the Speech Outline Page.


Audience Analysis

Recommended Questions

_____Ask These Questions to the Bride/Groom In Advance

1. When will I speak?

2. How many guests will attend?

3. How long would you like me to speak?

4. Who should I thank for hosting the event?

4B. How should I address each person whom I will thank (Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Pete and Jody, Cousins Jody and Pete, etc.)?

4C. How do I pronounce the name(s)?

5. Is there anything in particular that I should say or do?

6. Is there anything in particular that I SHOULD NOT say or do?

7. (If applicable) Will there be any equipment available for showing video, PowerPoint, etc.?

For more help, visit the Audience Analysis Page.


Wedding Jokes

Should You Use Each Joke?

_____Make sure each joke passes all 3 Rules

Rule 1: The Joke MUST Be Funny

Rule 2: The Joke Doesn't Insult Anybody

Rule 3: The Joke Leads Into Your Speech

Note: If the joke does not pass all 3 rules, leave it out of your speech.

For more help, visit the About Wedding Jokes Page.


Wedding Poems

Follow these 3 steps for creating wedding poems

_____Step 1: Write down every idea that comes to mind (childhood memories, college stories, etc.). When you have about ten ideas, move onto step 2.

_____Step 2: Select the type of poem that you would like to recite at the wedding.

_____Step 3: Include your favorite ideas from step 1 as words fitting into the format of the poem type selected in step 2.

For more help, visit the Wedding Poems Page.


Speech Writing

Follow These 3 Steps

_____Step 1: Write down every idea that comes to mind.

_____Step 2: Arrange your favorite ideas into the Speech Body's Main Points.

_____Step 3: Prepare your Introduction followed by your Conclusion and Toast.

For more help, visit the Speech Writing Page.


Visual Aids

Decide Which Type, If Any, to Use

1. Objects or Props

2. Pictures

3. Video/PowerPoint

Note: Make sure the equipment will be available before putting too much time and effort into this option.

Tips for Using Visual Aids

1. View the audience

2. Is it being used?

3. Don't Pass it around

4. Stand clear

5. Use sparingly

6. Able to see and read

7. Practice using them

For more help, visit the Visual Aids Page.


Delivery Tips

Extemporaneous Speech

_____Step 1: Practice your speech at least five (5) times.

_____Step 2: Write a BRIEF Outline

Step 3: View the Audience

Speech Delivery Tips

1. Eye Contact: Look at the Audience

2. Voice: Vocal Volume and Vocal Variety

3. Hands: Add Gestures. Avoid holding hands or waving hands too often.

4. Legs and Feet: Balanced Stance. Avoid Crossing Legs or Pacing Back and Forth

5. Use the Podium to Hold Your Notes. Avoid Standing Behind the Podium.

For more help, visit the Delivery Tips Page.


Practice! Practice!

Methods to Practice Your Speech

______Select Your Favorite Practice Method From This List

1. In Front of the Mirror

2. In Front of Other People

3. In The Actual Room

4. Video or Audio

After Selecting Your Favorite Practice Method

_____1. Practice out loud at least 5 times using your favorite method. Practice at least once each day for the 5 days leading up to your speech.

_____2. Use the Practice Your Speech Evaluation Form.

For more help, visit the Practice! Practice! Page.


After reviewing and "checking" the above items, You have finished the Speech Checklist.

Last Minute Tips

Look over the Speech Checklist as a refresher several times between now and the wedding.

If you need more help, click on the link in that Speech Checklist section for more guidance.

Remember to keep practicing your speech.

Have Fun and enjoy the wedding!

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