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You have been asked by the bride or groom to deliver a speech.

At first, you were excited. But, then you started to feel unsettled. Now, this might not look so good to you.

Relax. You've come to the right place for help with your speech.

Let's start by watching an outstanding example of a wedding speech.

Scotty spoke at the wedding of Leli and Danny(Scotty's twin brother). We'll talk about the strengths of this speech shortly.

Source: Best Man Toast.

This speech has plenty of strengths:


+Scotty begins by introducing himself as The Best Man. He also jokes about the amount of time that he knew his twin brother, Danny.

+Scotty recognizes the bride's parents as well as his mother. Plus, he thanks the guests for attending the wedding.

+Well organized- Three main points: Leli's positive qualities, Scotty and Danny's relationship, and Danny's positive qualities.

+At the 5:00 mark, Scotty concludes his speech with a brief toast.


+Terrific Eye Contact- Scotty never needs to read any notes. He makes constant eye contact with the audience.

+Excellent Vocal Variety- Scotty speaks in a conversational tone, not a monotone voice. Scotty also pauses to gather his thoughts.

The goal of is to help you create and deliver a Wedding Speech that would make everybody proud.

Don't Panic! Your Wedding Speech just got easier...


You probably have some concerns.

Hi. I'm Rick Lindner. As an Associate Professor of Communication at Georgia State University, I have helped people with these concerns since 1993.

Wedding toasts and speeches should be happy and fun. They should NOT feel stressful.

You'll speak to an audience that is excited to be there and wants to see you speak well. In Public Speaking terms, this is about as good as it gets!

In that spirit, coaches you every step of the way from creating a talk that is YOU, to controlling your nervousness, to delivering a toast or speech that can make you shine--all while having some fun along the way.

Each section of the website is designed to give simple pointers that are specifically geared towards your speech.

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