Looking for Marriage Proposal Ideas?

These are not your average Marriage Proposal Ideas. What makes them different? It's the message.

Soon, you'll see a number of creative marriage proposals. But, these proposals are accompanied by romantic messages that really add a memorable touch to this major event.

First things first...

What Kind of Marriage Proposal Should You Give?

When considering Marriage Proposal Ideas, make sure that your proposal is done in a way that your significant other prefers.

If that person has hinted at wanting a simple proposal in a quiet setting, then that is the type of marriage proposal that you should give-- keep it simple.

On the other hand, if your significant other wants a huge proposal in front of a crowd, the go for it!

The happier your significant other is about the proposal, the better the reaction that your proposal will get.

I would not worry too much about what others say about creative versus unoriginal proposals. Your best bet for a Marriage Proposal Idea is one that you feel would be right for your significant other.

What Should You Say?

I recommend giving a Past/Present Message. Share some special words about the two of you regarding the past and/or the present. Remember to speak from the heart.

Feel free to use any of these in your Past/Present Message:

From the Past

How did you feel when you met your significant other?

Talk about your first date, major dates, dating annivarsaries, etc. What made these occasions so special for you?

How has this person changed your life?

From the Present

Why do you love this person?

What are some of your significant other's best qualities?

How has your relationship evolved?

Why do you want to marry this person?

A word to the wise: Have a heartfelt message, but don't speak for too long. Be brief and Be brilliant.

To give you some Marriage Proposal Ideas, here are a number of creative proposals in which romantic words were said before they "popped the question." By the way, the answer in every case was "Yes" Enjoy!

Cruise Proposal

David proposes to Alisha on on a cruise, with the New York City Skyline in the background.

The Proposal begins at the 0:43 mark.

Video Source: Marriage Proposal Video | New York City Dinner Cruise. www.youtube.com

Long Distance Marriage Proposal

Through the magic of television, Larry, a Sergeant in Iraq, proposed to Chemar during a TV Morning Show.

The Marriage Proposal begins at the 1:28 mark.

Video Source: Sergeant Proposes From Iraq. www.youtube.com

Long Distance Turned Local Proposal

Watch Garrett's proposal to Alisha during the Ellen DeGeneres Show. You'll see what I mean by Long Distance turned Local.

Garrett's Proposal begins at the 0:16 mark.

Video Source: Ellen Degeneres Surprise Engagement. www.youtube.com

Marathon Proposal

Carl proposed to Heather at the the Atlantic City Marathon Finish Line. The proposal words appear on your screen.

Carl's Marriage Proposal begins at the 1:00 mark.

Video Source: Marriage Proposal: Atlantic City Marathon. www.youtube.com

Movie Theatre Proposal

This proposal, from Chris to Ann, appeared during the previews before a regularly scheduled movie.

Chris begins his Marriage Proposal to Ann at the 0:56 mark.

Video Source: Proposing to my Girlfriend in a Movie Theater. www.youtube.com

On Air Proposal

Scott proposes to Susan during an interview on a local Morning TV Show.

Scott's Marriage Proposal begins at the 2:05 mark.

Video Source: Live Proposal on Fox News. www.youtube.com

Plane Flight Marriage Proposal

If you're more of a writer, check out this Marriage Proposal to Esther. This proposal starts with the pilot of this flight reciting a special message to one of the passengers.

The Marriage Proposal begins immediately.

Video Source: Proposal on Delta DL755. www.youtube.com

Second Language Proposal

A Marriage Proposal Idea for couples who have different native languages. Try to deliver a message in your significant other's native tongue. Jeremy, An American, delivered his proposal in French to Anessa, a Canadian (who is a French Teacher). Since this website is viewed around the world, this proposal is espcially for you French Speakers who are with us today.

Jeremy's Marriage Proposal begins immediately.

Video Source: Jeremy Proposes to Anessa. www.youtube.com

Special Location Marriage Proposal

Israel proposes to Ismar on the Empire State Building Observation Deck. 

Video Source: Marriage Proposal Shocker in the Big Apple!. www.youtube.com

Toastmaster Proposal

This Toastmaster's proposal to Irene starts as a speech that he delivered at his club's meeting.

The Proposal begins at the 4:57 mark.

Video Source: My Marriage Proposal.  www.youtube.com

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Now that you have seen several Marriage Proposal Ideas that are creative and include romantic messages, you're ready to start working on your proposal.

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