Worried about giving an Impromptu Speech?

Is something telling you that you'll be volunteered to deliver an impromptu speech?

What will you say?

If you suspect that you might be called upon to give a speech, Here are some tips to get you through that challenge:

Material Gathering Tips

1. Have a story up your sleeve

Be prepared with a quick story that you would like to tell the guests.

Before the wedding, think about a happy occasion that you shared with the bride and/or groom. If you're worried that you'll forget this story when you're on the spot, jot a short summary of the story on a small piece of paper.

2. Watch and Remember

During the wedding ceremony and reception, watch and make a brief written or mental note of a special moment that has something in common with the story up your sleeve mentioned above.

Such moments could include the happiness shown in everybody's faces, the wedding vows, or a nice comment made by a previous speaker.

As long as this moment has a connection to the story up your sleeve, you can explain both items in your speech.

3. Keep it Brief

Between the story up your sleeve and the special wedding moment that you witnessed, you will have plenty of speech material.

Take a quick look at any of the notes that you wrote up to that point.

Keep your speech brief. The audience probably has already heard a number of speeches.

Plus, you don't want your "on the spot" talk to last longer than the prepared speeches delivered earlier.

Delivering Your Speech

You are now ready to give the Past, Present, and Future Speech.

You'll tell your story up your sleeve, share the special moment that you observed, and wish the couple well in one quick speech:

Step 1: Past

Start by briefly saying your name and how you know the bride and/or groom.

Before telling the story up your sleeve, start with such words as "the fondest memory I have of (state the name of the bride/groom) was when we (state the occasion)."

At this point, tell your story.

Step 2: Present

Make a comment that links step 1 to this step such as "I was reminded of that memory tonight when the best man said..." or "Memories of that day came rushing into my mind during the ceremony when..."

At this point, share your comment about of the special moment that you observed.

Step 3: Future

Ask everbody to raise their glasses and say a few words from the heart to wish the couple well.

For example, you may say "here's to a long, healthy, and happy marriage, with many smiles."

Finally, end your toast by saying "Cheers!"

If you follow these tips, you will give a terrific impromptu speech that the guests will follow and enjoy.

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