Father of the Bride Speech...
A Proud Moment!

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This speech, delivered by the Father of the Bride, is an important part of the wedding for the guests...and a monumental moment for the father.

Let's start by watching a terrific example of this speech.

Barry spoke at the wedding of his daughter, Alyssa, to Josh.

We'll talk about the strengths of this speech shortly.

Video Source: Best Wedding Speech Ever (Father of the Bride). www.youtube.com

This Father of the Bride Speech has plenty of strengths:


+Barry begins by thanking everybody for attending the wedding. Barry even mentions the places where people traveled from for the wedding.

+At 0:40, Barry uses a quote of his grandmother's to explain how we all search for our "perfect fit." This leads into Barry saying that Alyssa and Josh are a perfect fit.

+Well organized- Three main points: The first time that Barry met Josh, The past 3 years since Josh met Alyssa, and a wonderful "Daddy/Daughter" story from Alyssa's childhood.

+Throughout the speech, Barry pays terrific compliments to Alyssa and Josh. He even thanks Alyssa for bringing Josh into the family.

+Nice touches of humor. All of the jokes during the speech are made at Barry's expense.

+At the 5:30 mark, Barry concludes his speech with a toast for the bride and groom.


+Excellent Eye Contact- Barry does not need any notes. He speaks directly to the bride and groom as well as the guests.

+Well Poised- Barry looks very comfortable.

+Wonderful Vocal Variety- Barry spoke in a conversational tone of voice.

About the Father of the Bride Speech...

In essence, the father is giving away his daughter after helping to raise her since she was born. Understandably, delivering the speech can be an emotional time.

Don't worry. This website share some tips that will help the Father of the Bride survive this speech and give a beautiful, heart-felt message in the process.

Although it's called the Father of the Bride Speech, the father might not be present or able to deliver the speech.

In cases like this, the speech is usually delivered by the mother of the bride. However, another member of the family can give this speech instead of the mother.

In fact, my wife's mother delivered the so called Father of the Bride Speech at our wedding.

The speech lasts between 3 and 5 minutes.

The Father of the Bride Speech is typically, but not always the first or last of the reception speeches.

If delivered first, this speech tends to welcome everybody to the wedding and set the tone for the other speeches to follow.

If delivered last, it welcomes everybody to the wedding and marks the end of the speeches. In this case, the Father of the Bride Speech can be a transition to the continuation of the reception.

The purpose of this Speech is to talk about some of your past moments with the bride and share the happiness that you are feeling for the bride, groom, and this milestone in their lives.

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At what occasion(s)will the Father of the Bride Deliver Speeches?

Be sure to get in touch with the bride and groom about their expectations well in advance. You may speak at any or all of these events:

Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding Reception

Wedding Farewell Brunch

The most formal event for a Father of the Bride Speech will be the Reception. If an additional Father of the Bride Speech is delivered at The Rehearsal Dinner, it will probably be less formal than the Reception.

The speech and toast formulas that you will see are appropriate for any of these occasions.

The Order of Reception Speeches

The typical, but not required speaking order is:

1st: Father of the Bride Speech (unless he/she speaks last)

2nd: Groom

3rd: Best Man

4th: Maid of Honor

5th: Father or Mother of the Groom

6th: Other Speakers

Final Speaker: Father of the Bride (unless he/she speaks first)

The order of Rehearsal Dinner Speeches

A common, but not required speaking order is:

1st: Father or Mother of the Groom

2nd: Father of the Bride

3rd: Best Man

4th: Maid of Honor

5th: Bride and Groom or Other Speakers

6th: Other Speakers or Bride and Groom

The order of the Wedding Farewell Brunch Speeches tends to vary.

Father of the Bride Speech Format


*Say your Name and introduce yourself as the Father of the Bride.

*Thank the guests for attending

*If you are also speaking during the rehearsal dinner, thank the host(s) of the event

* Welcome the in-laws to the family and make a warm comment about the person who will marry your daughter.

*Finally, say the main points that you will discuss during the speech body.


*Explain the two or three ideas that you previewed in the introduction (memories from your daughter’s childhood, the first time you met the groom, three positive qualities, etc.).

Conclusion and Toast

*Repeat Your Main Points. This is a signal to the audience that your speech is coming to an end.

*Ask everybody to please raise their glasses for a toast to the couple.

*Give your toast

*Say Cheers! and expect a similar response from the guests.

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