Visual Aids Plan

Directions: Print a copy of this Visual Aids Plan. Write the answers below. Also refer to the tips as the big day approaches.

This will help you get a good feel for using those visual aids that you want to include in your speech.

Types of Visual Aids

List a short name that will help you remember the Visual Aid(s) quickly:


1. ____________________

2. ____________________

3. ____________________


1. ____________________

2. ____________________

3. ____________________


1. ____________________

2. ____________________

3. ____________________


Will the needed equipment be available? __________

Will there be a cost to use the equipment? __________

Will you need to reserve the equipment? ___________

If so, how do you reserve the equipment? ___________


Before Your Speech

1. Make sure the audience could see and read them

2. Check the spelling

3. Practice using them

4. Learn how to use the equipment

5. Test the equipment

6. Place objects/props close your speech location

During Your Speech

1. View the audience

2. Don't pass anything around the audience

3. Stand clear of Visual Aids

For more help, visit the Visual Aids Page.

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