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I was so confident and self-assured.
“Hi my name is Edward Jonas. I want to tell every father of the bride to read this book before doing anything about your speech. You can very well come up with a speech yourself but with the information in this book you will do an exceptional job.

You will surely give a memorable speech. With so many speeches to choose from you are bound to find lots of information that will match your situation. The speech pack helped to write my own speech step by step. It helped me to write the first draft and then helped me to polish it up further and finally my speech was ready.

I thoroughly followed whatever I had learned from this book in terms of public speaking and my speech flowed so naturally and smoothly on the wedding day. I was so confident and self-assured. Everyone was genuinely impressed especially my daughter and son-in-law. People clapped after my speech was over and came up to me and to congratulate me. All my worries about my speech were a waste of energy. I could just feel it that I had done a great job. Thanks so much for the book. It was really worth the money I spent on it. Cheers!”

Edward Jonas

Investing in this book was one of the best decisions of my life

“I am a professional writer and as my daughter’s wedding was approaching I was confident that I would be able to come up with a good speech. It so happened that just 3 weeks before the wedding my wife’s brother had an accident and we had to rush to attend to him. My family was naturally very upset with this sudden turn of events and we just could not apply our minds to the wedding. Thankfully things improved and my brother-in-law showed signs of recovery.

There was lot of crisis management that we had to do as so many things were pending on the wedding front. My daughter was mentally very upset. I was now seriously worried about my speech as I was not in the right frame of mind to write one.

My wife suggested that I look on the internet for some help. Though I was reluctant but seeing not much option, I started to browse the net. Well I must say this book was a life-saver for me on my daughter’s wedding. It had so many samples and so much valuable information. It was a blessing in disguise that I ended up buying this book as I on my own could have never done such a marvelous job. I was able to write my own speech with the help of the book with so much ease and, thank heavens, so quickly within the little time that I had left.

The extensive guide on professional speech writing, so many quotations, toasts, funny one-liners, added that extra edge to my speech.

The valuable tips on public-speaking added to my confidence and overall quality of my speech. After such a mental turmoil a great father of the bride speech was just what my daughter needed. I had to make-up for all the time and fun opportunities that we had lost. She was in tears and everyone clapped as I finished by raising a toast to my darling daughter and son-in-law. I was a clear winner!

Investing in this book was one of the best decisions of my life as I didn’t want to lose on this once in a lifetime moment. I thanked my wife as she came to my rescue as usual when I was in trouble!

Also, I sincerely thank John for being such a great source of help to all the fathers of the brides. Great job mate!”

Adam Fletcher


Father of the Bride Speech Pack

Enthrall the audience with your wedding speech even if you have never written a speech or have never spoken in public all your life.

25 Time-tested, Proven, Outstanding Father of the Bride Speeches, a Step by Step Guide to help you write your own Father of the Bride Speech, Lots of Inspiring Wedding Toasts, Exclusive Quotations, Hilarious One-liners, Tips on Overcoming Public-speaking Fears, and lots more, can be on your computer screen within minutes from Right Now!

Do some of those things sound familiar?

How to start off my speech and how exactly can I add a punch to my speech? How long should my speech be? Who are the people I need to thank and welcome?

...And how about these What If's

What if I forget what I have prepared? What if my mind goes blank seeing a room full of people staring at me? What if I do not live up to the expectations of my son? What if I fail to make an impression? Or worse still, what if I end up embarrassing myself?

Let's get rid of those worries Right Now! 

With little guidance, you can very well deliver an Outstanding Father of the Bride Speech which will Completely Spellbind the Guests!

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You can Easily Make your Father of the Bride Speech an Extra-Ordinary Speech from an Ordinary One

Here is what you will get in my Exclusive Father of the Bride Speech Pack:

Exclusive Father of the Bride Speech Samples

25 Outstanding and Extremely Entertaining Professionally Written Father of the Groom Speech Samples. 

Before writing these speech samples there were many brainstorming sessions with various renowned public-speakers, wedding specialists, men who have given Father of the Groom speeches as well as those who were about to give Father of the Groom speeches.

All of this research over the years has culminated in these excellent samples. The Speech Pack:

  • Has a variety of speeches to suit every individual personality, situation and style
  • These speeches have interesting stories and anecdotes to give you a complete understanding of the flow and content of your own speech
  • Most of these stories and anecdotes can be easily used in your own speech
  • These speeches are flexible so that your own stories and anecdotes can be easily incorporated, woven, into them


Exclusive Father of the Bride Speech Pack

Along with the 25 exceptional speeches you will get the following:

  • A Step by Step Guide to write your own unique Father of the Groom Speech

With the help of this comprehensive and easy to follow guide you can write your own Father of the Groom Speech, just like a professional speech writer would write.

The guide will provide you with all the techniques to make speech writing an easy and smooth process for youVery useful and handy tips and tricks on presenting your speech

These easy to follow instructions will boost your confidence level and as a result you will come across as an experienced public speaker on the wedding day. Guaranteed!

  • You will also learn what body language to display, how to use particular facial expressions during the talk, how to modulate your voice and how to remain calm and composed on the wedding day.
  • Lots of Exclusive Wedding Toasts to give a befitting finish to your speechLots of relevant and Inspirational Wedding and Love Quotations to add meaning and relevance to your speech
  • Plenty of Funny Quotations and Hilarious One-liners to add an extra much-needed punch to your speech!

Here is what you will get as an added Bonus if you order Right Now

Bonus #1 Wedding Etiquette Secrets

Weddings are truly special occasions and you really can’t afford to embarrass yourself.

This comprehensive book will reveal all the secrets you MUST know about wedding etiquette.

This is where you will learn how to plan, manage and adapt etiquette to the wedding. Here’s part of the topics you will learn:

  • Why wedding etiquette is essential
  • How to properly determine who’s doing what
  • Discover how to handle invitations and announcements
  • A step by step guideline of what normal wedding showers include
  • Tips on Wedding Gifts
  • Learn all the different things you should include in the invitations
  • Discover what else goes in the wedding invitations
  • And much more…

Value: $37.95 Yours for FREE


Bonus #2 Confident Public Speaking Unlocked

Both content and presentation are equally important aspects of speech giving. If you are confident then it really shows and believe me that makes all the difference.

You will learn all the important facets of confident public speaking in this book.

Here is a glimpse of what you will find inside:

  • How to retain the attention of your audience
  • How to select a central idea and how to break it up into several sub-ideas
  • How to build a better speech
  • How to determine the outline of your speech
  • Planning the introduction of your speech
  • Planning the conclusion of your speech
  • How to create an interest in the ideas you are presenting

Value: $9.95 Yours for FREE


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Look What More Delighted Customers Have Had To Say!

The book has everything that you need to make a father of the bride speech a huge success.“I am not at all a people’s man. I hate to speak in public and I am comfortable sharing my thoughts only with my family and a close group of friends. My public speaking skills are limited to only four of my friends when we catch up for beer. Naturally the thought of facing a huge audience on such an important occasion was giving me goose bumps.

I had high chances of going blank and making a complete fool out of myself. My daughter, knowing her dad too well, was rather shaky about my speech. She certainly had her doubts as to whether I could speak in such a huge gathering. Well this book completely changed the outlook of public speaking for me. It converted the fear of public speaking to a challenge. A challenge that I suddenly started enjoying.

The ultimate result was that, after I had finished my speech, at least three people at the wedding came up to me and asked me whether a professional had written my speech or whether I have been a frequent public speaker. Now that is what you call a miracle. The groom’s parents and even his grandmother came up to me to say how much they loved my speech. My daughter was truly taken aback by this transformation.

One of the things I shared was how my daughter and my son-in-law first met. People were emotionally stirred and moved. I also encouraged my listeners to think about the time when they first met their partner. It just seemed to connect with everyone present in the room. The book has everything that you need to make a father of the bride speech a huge success.

One can expect to receive a lot of material that is both relevant and current. It not only provided me with amazingly entertaining speech examples but it also enabled me to write my own speech. The section on overcoming public speaking fears really helped me to speak confidently and naturally. I was in complete command of the situation and that really made a lot of difference as people were keen to hear what I had to say. The joy of achievement after delivering the speech is far greater than the cost of the book. May be you should increase the price as it is worth much more than what it costs.

Thanks a lot!”
Simon Carlton

“Hey, can’t thank you enough for what you have given me. The book not only helped me with my speech but also boosted my confidence in life in terms of public speaking. Great work mate!”


Remember, "Every accomplishment starts with the decision to ACT"

Best of success!

Rick Lindner

P.S.This is your chance to GET RID of all the guesswork and worries about your Father of the Bride Speech. My book will help you DELIVER. Deliver something which is Meaningful and Memorable.

“I was hesitant to give my credit card details initially. It was only when my wife convinced me that I bought this book. I wonder now how on earth I could have possibly managed my speech without this book. Thank you very much!”