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Best Man Speech!

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Giving the Best Man Speech is one of the biggest honors that anybody could receive.

You were selected because the groom sees you as a special part of his life.

Let's start by watching an outstanding example of this speech.

Scotty spoke at the wedding of Leli and Danny(Scotty's twin brother). We'll talk about the strengths of this speech shortly.

Video Source: Best Man Toast.

This Best Man Speech has plenty of strengths:


+Scotty begins by introducing himself as The Best Man. He also jokes about the amount of time that he knew his twin brother, Danny.

+Scotty recognizes the bride's parents as well as his mother. Plus, he thanks the guests for attending the wedding.

+Well organized- Three main points: Leli's positive qualities, Scotty and Danny's relationship, and Danny's positive qualities.

+At the 5:00 mark, Scotty concludes his speech with a brief toast.


+Terrific Eye Contact- Scotty never needs to read any notes. He makes constant eye contact with the audience.

+Excellent Vocal Variety- Scotty speaks in a conversational tone, not a monotone voice. Scotty also pauses to gather his thoughts.

About the Best Man Speech...

By far, the biggest question that I am asked is Should the Best Man Speech be funny?

While the speech can be light hearted and friendly, it DOES NOT have to be funny. So, relax if you imagined that you were expected to be a comedian.

Before we get into too much detail, here's an overview:

The Best Man Speech lasts between 3 and 5 minutes.

The purpose is to talk about your relationship with the groom and maybe the bride, reflect on a memory or two, pay several warm complements, and wish the couple a wonderful life together.

Soon, we'll talk about some ways to easily place your favorite ideas into your Best Man Speech.

At what occasions will the Best Man Speak?

Be sure to get in touch with the bride and groom about their expectations well in advance. You may speak at any or all of these events:

Bachelor Party

Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding Reception

The most formal event will probably be the Reception. The Rehearsal Dinner can also be formal, but feel more relaxed than the Wedding Reception.

The speech and toast formulas that you will see are appropriate for any of these occasions.

The Order of Reception Speeches

The typical, but not required speaking order is:

1st: Father or Mother of the Bride (unless he/she speaks last)

2nd: Groom

3rd: Best Man

4th: Maid of Honor

5th: Father or Mother of the Groom

6th: Other Speakers

Final Speaker: Father/Mother of the Bride (unless he/she speaks first)

The order of Rehearsal Dinner Speeches

A common, but not required speaking order is:

1st: Father or Mother of the Groom

2nd: Father or Mother of the Bride

3rd: Best Man

4th: Maid of Honor

5th: Bride and Groom or Other Speakers

6th: Other Speakers or Bride and Groom

The order of the Couple's Shower and Bachelor Party Speeches tend to vary.

Best Man Speech Format


*Say your Name and introduce yourself as the Best Man.

*Say your relationship with the bride/groom (brother, friend, etc.)

*Thank the guests for attending

*Thank the host(s) of the event

*Finally, say the main points that you will discuss during the speech body.


*Explain the two or three ideas that you previewed in the introduction (college stories, three positive qualities, etc.).

Conclusion and Toast

*Repeat Your Main Points. This is a signal to the audience that your speech is coming to an end.

*Ask everybody to please raise their glasses for a toast to the couple.

*Give your toast

*Say Cheers! and expect a similar response from the guests.

Note: we will go into more detail about this format on the Speech Outline and Speech Writing Pages.

Where should you go from here?

If you want to go from start to finish, view all of these pages in order. Or just look over the specific areas that would be most helpful to you.

Start by clicking on speaking areas listed to the side or below that you want to visit.

See the Speech Anxiety Page if you want to tackle your nervousness and speak with more confidence.

The Audience Analysis Page is a must. Learning about your audience can be the difference between an outstanding speech and a disaster.

You might be thinking of making this a funny speech. Before you do, view the Funny Speech Page.

If you want to complement your speech with a special touch, but don't know what to add, scan the Wedding Poem Page for some ideas.

Using Visual Aids? This can be tricky and fall apart if you are not prepared. See the Visual Aids Page for the do's and don'ts before going down this path.

Check out the Speech Outline Page to see a 3-step formula for a Best Man Speech that the audience will follow, understand, and enjoy.

Check out the Speech Writing Page to quickly and painlessly organize your speech.

The Delivery Tips Page will show you some tips to help you speak like a pro.

Every coach says "Practice! Practice! Practice!" Why? Because it works. Wedding Speeches are no exception. Go to the Practice Pageto find the fastest and easiest ways to focus your practices.

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