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What is so great about audience analysis? If you do it, you can give a terrific speech. If you don't do it, you speech can be a disaster.

To keep your speech from falling apart, it's a good idea to find out as much about the guests as you can before your speech.

Not only will you have a better speech, but this will tell you what to expect and keep you from insulting or embarrassing anybody.

To play it safe, ask these questions to the bride or groom. They should be able to answer or find out answers for you.

A word to the wise: ask these questions well in advance of the wedding. As the wedding date approaches, things will get very hectic.

Recommended Questions

1. When will I speak?

2. How many guests will attend?

3. How long would you like me to speak?

4. Who should I thank for hosting the event?

4B. How should I address each person whom I will thank (Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Pete and Jody, Cousins Jody and Pete, etc.)?

4C. How do I pronounce the name(s)?

5. Is there anything in particular that I should say or do?

6. Is there anything in particular that I SHOULD NOT say or do?

7. (If applicable) Will there be any equipment available for showing video, PowerPoint, etc.?

For a user friendly tool to help with your analysis, see the Audience Analysis Plan.

Where should you go from here?

After getting the answers to these questions, you'll be ready to visit the Supporting Materials Page as well as the Speech Outline Page .

If you are thinking of using jokes, you must look at the Funny Speech Page.

If you would like to add poetry, but are not sure how, check out the Wedding Poem Guide for some ideas.

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