Impromptu Speech Plan...
For the on the spot Speech

Directions: Print a copy of the Impromptu Speech Plan. Look over the whole document before getting started.

Before the wedding, be sure to complete steps 1 and 2.

At the wedding, complete steps 3-5.

Before The Wedding

Step 1: In the section below marked Past, write one fond memory that you previously enjoyed with the bride/groom..

This will become the first part, or The Past part of your speech.

Step 2: In the section below marked Future/Toast, write a brief message that wishes the couple well.

This will become the third part, or The Future/Toast part of your speech.

At The Wedding

Step 3: In the section below marked Present, write a few words about one special moment that you noticed during the ceremony or reception.

Make sure this moment has something in common with the item written in the Past section.

This will become the second part, or The Present part of your speech.

Step 4: Write the common element in the space between the Past and Present parts of your speech.

This will be the transition from the Past to the Present parts of your speech.

Step 5: Briefly look over this sheet from start to finish to refresh your memory.

If you like, you can refer to this sheet as you deliver your speech.

Deliver your speech in the order written on your speech plan--Past, Common Item, Present, and Future

If you follow these Impromptu Speech Plan Directions, you will have a roadmap towards giving a terrific on the spot speech at the wedding.

1st Part: Past

Write your Fond Memory of the Past here:



What does your fond memory of the past have in common with the wedding moment? Write that common element here:



2nd Part: Present

Write your Special Moment from the wedding here:



3rd Part: Future/Toast

Write your toast here:

Special Note: Ask everybody to raise their glasses for a toast before going into this part of your speech.



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