How to use this Website

How to use this website:A quick guide

The Page listings begin with the types of wedding speeches.

Next, the areas listed are steps for creating and delivering your wedding speech.

Some areas have two pages: Guides and Plans.

Guides provide written and audio instructions (audio instructions coming soon) to handle that step.

Plans are planning sheets designed to help you with the actual building of your speech. You'll be able to prepare that area in a step-by-step manner.

If you are a person who would rather learn by doing and skip the reading, then Plans are for you.

Plans also are helpful speech builders to those who want to begin by reading or listening to the instructions.

If you want to go from start to finish, view all of these pages in order. If you prefer, you can just look over the specific areas that would be most helpful to you.

The website later lists some additional tips that will be extremely helpful to you as the wedding approaches.

Start by clicking on the type of wedding speech that you will give or speaking areas that you want to visit.

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